Savage Messiah - Hands Of Fate album review

London thrashers carve their own groove into the template

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When it comes to thrash metal, only two questions apply: does the artist add anything new to a formula laid down more than 35 years ago, and are they good at what they do? In the case of Savage Messiah the answers are: ‘No’ and ‘Fuck yes!’ The Londoners don’t throw anything remotely original into the mixing pot, but after a decade of gigging and recording they’re as accomplished as any band outside of the killer elite. The quartet’s fourth album is crammed with stampeding, often groove-laden riffs and as writers they sink lasting, memorable hooks into the likes of Wing And A Prayer, Solar Corona and the Metallica-flavoured title track. Fittingly, Hand Of Fate is also Savage Messiah’s debut for Century Media, who were committed enough to sink funds into its crystal clear yet weighty production. Their future looks bright.