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Saturn: Ascending (Live In Space)

Swedish retro-rockers still feeling gravity’s pull

The extremities of modern metal might make it easy to dismiss the bands that started it all

Swedish trad-metal revivalists Saturn get it right by bringing the danger back to the forefront: denim, leather and youthful exuberance their weapons. The innovation, however, is somewhat absent. You may feel like you’ve heard all this before, although this is a record crafted not in imitation, but in loving homage. The fact that it was recorded live, although perhaps not in space as the title suggests, helps, giving Ascending… a rough imperfection that further contributes to its soul. From the opening salvo of So You Have Chosen Death’s duelling guitars through to the swaggering, bass-driven rhythm and blues of Last Man In Space, Saturn’s passion shines through, revitalising a period of metal not quite ready for the history books. And yet it remains to be seen whether they will make a significant contribution of their own.

Via Rise Above