Sarabante – Poisonous Legacy album review

Greek punks Sarabante take aim at the crooked pillars of society

Sarabante album cover

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Plonk political corruption, crippling austerity measures and social unrest on a bunch of dudes already in a pissed-off crusty hardcore band and you might as well drop glycerine-coated grenades in a barrel of gunpowder.

Greece’s Sarabante may be an unfamiliar name, but those in the know have watched the quintet rise from relative geographic isolation to carve out a name via their Remnants debut, obscure touring adventures and now their second full-length.

Time on the road and a pairing with crustpunk’s reigning king of knob twiddling, Brad Boatright, has worked in their favour. All That Remained and Eternal Complacency furiously rage and raze somewhere along Disfear, From Ashes Rise and Tragedy’s melodic powerhouse punk lines, a bass-heavy, biker-bangin’ Motörhead edge is exploited elsewhere while Isovios Fovos and Mneme’s Amaurosis revel in sprinkling hypnotic guitars and drum pounding with bits of Converge’s You Fail Me. Poisonous Legacy may not be successful in distinguishing creators from influences, but there’s no doubting this album is as serious as a heart attack and bleak as government.