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Rose Windows: Rose Windows

Two albums down, none to go.

Rose Windows’ second album is so wracked by tension and so smothered in its own claustrophobic impenetrability it’s not exactly surprising they have just decided to quit.

If they haven’t gone out with a bang, more a rumble, then vocalist Rabia Shaheen Qazi ensures they exit with integrity maintained. Leaving Seattle to record in Louisiana has brought an element of sonic voodoo to their blender and plenty of smoke is blown during Strip Mall Babylon and the warp factor folky Americana of Come Get Us Again.

Guitarists Chris Cheveyo and Nils Peterson benefit most from producer Randall Dunn’s efforts to make them sound like Sunn 0))) metamorphosing into Houndmouth, but the lack of studio air also calls to mind a hipper Jefferson Starship.

This is certainly a dead weird album; it may improve with time. Keep an ear ajar for the seeress Qazi though. If she ever goes solo the windows will need boarding up./o:p