Rosco Levee & The Southern Slide: Live At The Billabong

The next big thing turns it on and turns it up live.

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There’s a hilarious moment at the start of Live At The Billabong when Rosco Levee halts the gig in Rochester to check that someone has indeed hit ‘record’.

They have, and thank God for that, because if this storming set had vanished into the ether, it’d be the biggest live fuck-up since Pete Townshend skewered his windmilling hand on his own whammy bar.

The charismatic Kent songwriter now has two studio albums to mine, and while he airs the best three cuts from 2012’s Final Approach To Home – the pick is a raucous Goldrush – he rightly leans harder on last year’s belting Get It While You Can. Howitzer Eyes is a godlike clatter that evokes The Who’s Who Are You, matched by the bob ‘n’ weave Some Angels Fall and the Stonesy, country-sunset kiss-off that is Back To The Banks. Classy stuff.