Rory Kelly: (Don’t Shake My) Family Tree

Swamp rock revelation from North Carolina.

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They say never judge a CD by its cover, but one detail on the back of this little beauty speaks volumes – an empty bottle of Richard’s Wild Irish Rose.

Not a bottle of Jack or Jim, but wine-flavoured rotgut, the ideal fuel to propel these tales of loss, lust and revenge.

One part southern rock, one part heavy metal, plus a generous twist of Johnny Winter, Rory Kelly is a natural storyteller who’s just at home with the supercharged blues – the title track, Go To Man – as he is laying down slabs of Zakk Wylde-esque riffing, as on Hooks In Me and It Wasn’t the First Time.

Recorded on a shoestring, this is rough, sweaty and, in places, quite wonderful.