Razor Sharp Death Blizzard – You Will Burn album review

Enraged anthems from Scottish punk firebrands Razor Sharp Death Blizzard

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Following the raw, Tory-baiting Riot, Revolt, Revolution EP, the debut album from these confrontational Scots pulls no punches, with a necroticised David Cameron on the cover making it obvious where the diatribes are aimed.

The album is a murderous amalgamation of the punk and metal bands from which they formed, offering myriad attacks to back the lyrical spite. There’s plenty of fiery punk fury erupting from the grizzly riffs and potent basslines of the title track and Meet Your Maker, while Rat In A Cage’s low-end crawl that explodes into a thrashing blitz and the militaristic march of Defstein show the band flexing their metallic muscle. There Will Be Blood’s shifts of pace give space for the uncomplicated chorus to take hold, while Right Wing Scum’s minimalist crawl gives Jamie Clark’s vocal chords a change beyond furious barking, with despair and craft as important as savage attitude. Both lyrically and musically, You Will Burn conjures a bleak portrait of our society that only the best heavy music can.