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Randy Bachman: Vinyl Tap Tour – Every Song Tells A Story

Rolling back the highway.

The smooth and effortless manner with which Randy Bachman recounts his rock’n’roll tales from his youth in this engaging live-on-stage memoir is in stark contrast to the feuds, walk-outs and rip-offs that have peppered his 50-year career.

But then living a drug-free Mormon lifestyle was always going to antagonise many of his fellow rock’n’roll travellers. Not that any of this surfaces in the show. The grudges are glossed over as Bachman goes back in time and puts a bunch of his greatest hits in context, catching the essence of what made guys form bands and write songs back in the 60s.

The bulk of the show dwells on his time with The Guess Who that clearly means more to him than the even more successful Bachman Turner Overdrive that followed. Not surprisingly his recollections are clear-headed but there is plenty of dry wit.