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Pyreship - The Liars Bend Low album review

Wide-ranging riff-merchants whip up a sonic storm

artwork for pyreship's The Liars Bend Low

Barely a year after forming, these sludgy Houston noise merchants debut with a grinding, five-track foray into alt-metal, doom and grunge. Think Soundgarden and Neurosis jamming together in the middle of a Death Valley sandstorm. Rather than skew towards the dense and monolithic, Pyreship have clearly got a feel for crafting memorable doom hooks that suffer no lack of force. Gravity and When Leaves Turn To Blood showcase startling fusions of post-metal, doom and fuzz- drenched psychedelia, building from coarse dirges into roaring avalanches of buzzing riffage. Sharing guitar and vocal duties, Sam Waters and Cru Jordan Jones invest the tracks with sharp, caustic howling. Lyrically bleak, …Low is a murky, sinister affair with scant emotional variance, but then again, Pyreship aren’t trying to make the feelgood hit of the summer. The scale and maturity of the material belies the youth of this band. File under ‘Ones to watch’.

Joe Daly

Camped out in Southern California, Joe pens features, reviews albums and covers live shows for Metal Hammer and Classic Rock. When he’s not bothering his neighbours with Rammstein, Joe’s typically off playing ice hockey, fumbling around on a bass or letting his dogs guilt him into a nice long walk.