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Prosperina: Harness – Minus

Ambient sound, stoner music.

It takes two or three tracks to get into what this South Wales band are trying to achieve, but once it coalesces, you start to let the impact wash across your senses.

Prosperina showed on 2012 debut Faith To Sleep that they had the capacity to tread a line between Hawkwind, Soundgarden and Kyuss, and they continue directly along this path here. There are times, as on the fermenting crush of Codes, when they slip into a more obvious stoner attack. And there are other occasions, such as Proles or Graveyard Of Ambition, when the space-rock continuum becomes the band’s alternative universe.

However, the usual approach is to meld all their influences into something that’s individual to this band. You can hear it to fine effect on Here Lie The Ruins and Sgwd Henrhyd. Both stand at the crossroads between prog, stoner and grunge music, and in doing so come up with a warm, informed style that’s both epic yet also intimate. Prosperina are a band on the verge of making a spectacular album, and they’re getting close./o:p