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Prong: X – No Absolutes

It’s Prong – and that’s good enough.

You always know what to expect from Prong: fury, but refined with an overhanging intelligence and unconfined musicianship. But it all comes back to that unrequited anger.

While other bands of a similar age lose their edge, Prong are restless. You can hear this on songs such as No Absolutes, Ultimate Authority and In Spite Of Hindrances.

Led by vocalist/guitarist Tommy Victor, the trio find ways of combining hardcore and thrash, with hints of nu metal – the last especially on With Dignity – bringing to mind the best of Prong’s past. However, they also avoid sounding like they’re merely masticating previously chewed riffs. This is obvious on Do Nothing, when the pace is slowed and the emphasis is on quiet contemplation.

X – No Absolutes is the sound of Prong feeling comfortable in 2016; still underground and recognisable as the band who snapped our fingers and necks, but also adding essential modern detail.