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Pinkish Black: Bottom Of The Morning

Experimental Texans tune in to some resonant evil

There’s a diverging parallel that exists here between 70s/80s horror/sci-fi movies and soundtracks, and today’s big-screen catastrophes.

Given the number of remakes and the serial sequel-isation of titles like Halloween, Evil Dead and Star Trek that do little beyond changing a few names and adding CGI, there’s a dearth of original ideas out there.

On the other hand, those classic soundtracks have gone on to influence and rejuvenate bands like Zombi, Goblin and Pinkish Black, the latter of which have made tremendous steps with this third full-length. Where the experimentalism of Razed To The Ground was more linear, Bottom Of The Morning covers a broader scope, with Brown Rainbow and Everything Must Go being the sound of John Carpenter mainlining Krautrock and Special Dark expounding upon the possibilities of electrified noise rock.

Moments that could have been more dynamic still exist, such as the title track, but this is a fine exploration of filmic and progressive moods.