Pearl Handled Revolver: If The Devil Cast His Net

The sharpshooters find their groove.

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Three albums in and these psychedelic groovers from Bedford are getting the measure of their Hammond-dominated sound. They’re now down to a quartet after their bass player left but that’s given them more control over the way they build an atmosphere on each song.

Doors comparisons are inevitable but not difficult to dispel after a couple of tracks as Simon Rinaldo’s Hammond chords cut a distinctive swathe while singer Lee Vernon explores the fine line between singing and speaking. Andy Paris’s wah-wah guitar is all the more effective for being used sparingly and drummer Chris Thatcher finds plenty of rhythmic scope without getting too complex.

The delicate, melodic riffs on Someone Like You and the brooding menace of Absinthe In Adelaide are particularly effective. The only time it veers off course is on the title track that slavishly rips off Deep Purple’s Child In Time.