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Pain: We Come In Peace

Industrial metallers surpass the party spirit

Peter Tägtgren has done some amazingly awesome things in his career and this fancy digipak contains one of them. On the surface, it’s top value for money – around five hours worth of audio/visual entertainment spread across three discs with a plush colour booklet and a few slick promo videos thrown in for good measure.

The problem is, the live audio doesn’t deliver anywhere near the level of ferocity you’d get at one of their shows and the backstage footage is about as crazy as a school disco (with booze and a better soundtrack).

But lurking among such disappointments is a bona fide gem and that’s their Masters Of Rock arena show. Dressed in a straitjacket, Peter reminds us all what he’s capable of and there are even guest vocals from Exodus’s Rob Dukes on Shut Your Mouth. From the AC/DC-esque slur of Dirty Woman to the off-kilter Americana of Have A Drink On Me, this footage alone is worth forking out for. It’s just a shame about the rest.