Overcome: No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets.

But still too much filler from Christian hardcore crew

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Seven tracks seems a little mean for a band who keep making fans wait for albums between breakups. However, as pioneers of Christian metalcore and the first band to sign to Facedown, Overcome deserve a break.

Formed in Phoenix in 1993 but inspired by the southern California scene and a particularly meaningful show by Focused, they’ve always worn their faith on their sleeves and this album is no different. Sonically, they remain untypical to their genre. Where many metallic hardcore bands brandish breakdowns as badges of honour, this album is a reminder that a band can be fierce without ticking boxes. For this, they deserve respect, but their unwillingness to experiment is getting thin.

No Reserves… avoids reinventing the wheel, even despite another shift in members. There’s no denying that the atmosphere is raw, the brutal shouts are fierce, and the production shows improvement, but filler tracks seem the norm rather than the exception. Perhaps the passing time and changes are taking their toll.