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Orange Goblin: Healing Through Fire

Orange Goblin dig into the vaults – but not too deep.

The past two years have been life-changing for loveable London sludgsters Orange Goblin. After nearly 20 years together, the lads finally took the band full-time after the success of 2012’s A Eulogy For The Damned. With album number eight and a tour with Saint Vitus on the way, the timing is perfect to revisit their past work.

Not that they’re going very far back: Healing Through Fire is from 2007. But while A Eulogy takes their doomy stoner jams and gives them a commercial, polished edge, Healing... is more rough ’n’ raw.

Epic opener The Ballad Of Solomon Eagle is a catchy slab of bluesy sludge, Vagrant Stomp is fast-paced with a punk soul, while live favourite They Come Back sounds as raucous as ever. While the lack of extras – just two live tracks from 2007 – may hinder this release for anyone who owns the original, it’s a powerful reminder of the many shades of Orange Goblin.