Odessa: Carry The Weight

Hardcore crew offer an aggressive take on an old formula

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Celebrating their first full-length album, a partnership with exciting British indie label Ghost Music and a shiny new guitar player in the form of Jamie Wrighton, Birmingham’s Odessa are certainly earning their place in the spotlight.

Metal-infused melodic hardcore has had its ups and downs, but if this is the time for a shake-up then these boys have what it takes. Their sound may not be groundbreaking but it’s tough and credible, and the songwriting is strong. The emotive fretwork, Richard Lardner’s angry roars and the anxious lyrics are all powerful, and the songs succeed in being engaging without being obvious, boosting the album’s longevity.

Clean production and the involvement of Matthew Bond and Martyn Ford on drum-recording duties helps beef things up too. This band may share traits with the likes Atreyu but, with the exception of Complications, Odessa keep clean vocals to a minimum. They’re more about aggression injected with smatterings of thoughtful, poignant guitar work than blatant catchiness, and the result feels fresh and passionate.