Oceano - Revelation album review

Chicago’s deathcore bruisers explore new depths

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Compensating for a lack of enterprise by being heavier than everyone else, Oceano’s new lineup attempted a more diverse, if flawed, approach on 2015’s Ascendants, and this fifth effort takes a leap forward in their evolution. The grim tones, bullish intensity and Adam Warren’s belched-from-Hell vocals still form the bulk of the sound, albeit with an increased loan from the bank of Meshuggah. But straight from the off, the macabre samples of Dark Intensity and Lucid Reality’s fantastical chimes help flesh out the monolithic barrages and make the inevitable beatdowns more impactful. The harrowing leads of Majestic 12 don’t outstay their welcome, while The Event proves eeriness can be as frightening as wanton thuggery, even if the trick is played once too often. Infuriatingly, Revelation ends just as the band start to fully realise their ideas, with the atmospheric noire of Human Harvest and kinetic bounce of the title track. Oceano will still cave your cranium in, but now they’re doing it with a bit more class.