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Nick D’Virgilio's Invisible lets you know he's much more than just a drummer

The meaning of prog, from Big Big Train drummer Nick D’Virgilio

Nick D'Virgilio - Invisible
(Image: © English Electric Recordings)

Spock’s Beard, Genesis, Big Big Train, Mirage, Cirque Du Soleil – what makes you think that drummer Nick D’Virgilio is going to make a concept album? 

Okay, rhetorical question. Given D’Virgilio’s 30-year prog CV with the above-mentioned bands and more, it makes sense for his solo album to be based on a concept. 

And it’s not a bad concept: a man who’s unhappy with where his life has ended up dumps it all overboard in the search for a meaning to life. 

D’Virgilio can sing, he can write and he sure can drum. Plus he’s been able to round up a topnotch cast of musicians and persuade them to serve the album rather than themselves. 

The only cover song, Money (That’s What I Want), is also transformed to fit the purpose. There’s no immediate stand-out track on the record, but a couple make an impression after just a few listens.