Nettlecarrier: Nettlecarrier

Norwegian black metal veterans fail to grab attention

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Though Nettlecarrier once explained that their name was chosen due to it being “strange, eerie and sinister”, it’s hard not to wonder if they’re part of the same green-fingered extreme metal movement responsible for bands like Fauna and The Botanist. Either way, formed back in 2004, Nettlecarrier is made up of a trio of black metal veterans, including Mannevond of Koldbrann and Urgehal and Dirge Rep of Orcustus.

As you might expect given their resumés, the project is resolutely black metal in style and uncompromising in its delivery, leaving little space for niceties, melody or progressive elements. At the same time, the music here isn’t quite the aggressive riff’n’blast-fest offered by the members’ other projects, instead leaning towards a more murky sound with relatively straightforward pounding and monochromatic guitar work.

It’s certainly a lot more necro in intent than what tends to come from Norway these days, but the material here is also somewhat flat and, sadly, also a little forgettable.