Mr Walker: A Day In A Storm

Digitally-enhanced djentist discovers that two is a crowd

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Djent truly is the successor to black metal for the modern metal gentleman, with a laptop and a lack of friends/tolerance for others dictating any aspect of their creativity. Mr Walker, aka Erkan Dogantimur, takes this route with this boxy take on djent-prog, vocalist/lyricist Gustaf Modin being his only consistent collaborator.

It’s actually Gustaf who proves to be the weakest link in here, his sometimes inexpressive delivery blunting the impact of the more interesting music that Erkan lays beneath. On the more overtly aggressive tracks (A Boot Stomping On A Human Face – Forever), the pair gel into a much more potent proposition.

A Day In A Storm makes no attempt to mask how inorganic it sounds, from the manner it bolsters its proggier guitar moments with beds of digital strings to the mechanical regularity with which it maintains its ’shuggah-riffing. Not bad for a basement one-man band.