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Motörhead: Stage Fright

The band’s 30th-anniversary shows revisited on Blu-ray.

Ten years after its original DVD release, this Blu-ray show from Düsseldorf’s Philipshalle finds Lemmy and co. on dependable form, ripping through a set that’s short on surprises but big on attitude.

There are plenty of extras on offer, and while they’ll do nothing for the casual observer, fans should enjoy a peek behind the scenes with a backstage view of an LA show (featuring Dave Grohl, Kerry King and Phil Taylor’s astonishing hair), drunk German fans shouting their praises, a (fairly dull) making-of from the concert, the backstage rider details for the completists and inquisitively thirsty, and a roadie doc inevitably titled We Are The Road Crew.

The audio commentary from the band is mumbled and incoherent, but really, would you want it any other way?/o:p