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Mos Generator: Electric Mountain Majesty

Sabbath-infused veterans keep climbing the same path

With Sabbath-loving, blues-hued doom bands bubbling up from the bong water at a rate of knots, it’s not enough any more just to have great riffs and good beards. Or is it?

Imperially hirsute Port Orchard, Washington-based trio Mos Generator have been churning out Iommi-washed riffs and cultivating their facial topiary for nearly a decade and a half, with scarce deviation from Plan A continuing to yield incrementally better results – Electric Mountain Majesty perhaps being the zenith of that strategy.

Awash with the sort of warm, ampli-fried tones that sound like Deliverance-era Corrosion Of Conformity jamming on old Cathedral numbers, tracks like the driving opener Beyond The Whip, or the fuzz-laden and soulful Neon Nightmare, provide a fairly transitory gratification.

But it’s the more adventurous numbers that provide Electric Mountain Majesty’s most magisterially electrifying highs. From the oscillating, almost Monster Magnet-with-a-cello ride of Enter The Fire to the swampy harmonies of Breaker and the monolithic stomp of closer Heavy Ritual, Mos Generator prove that you don’t always need a Plan B.