Monotheist – Scourge album review

Monotheist's Scourge is prog-death supremacy from the Sunshine State

Monotheist – Scourge album cover

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Monotheist – Scourge album cover

1. The Grey King
2. The Great Chain At The Neck Of The Earth
3. Mark Of The Beast Pt. 1: The Image
4. Mark Of The Beast Pt. 2: Scion Of Darkness
5. Infinite Wisdom
6. Desolate It Mourns Before Me
7. Abominable Acts
8. Scourge

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When hammering away at full pelt, Monotheist reveal that they subscribe to the epic-but-brutal school of malicious thought, as pioneered by the likes of Morbid Angel and Vital Remains. 

That’s one essential box ticked, but small but substantial hints of greater ambition pop up in succinct opener The Grey King and what happens next is jaw-dropping. Anyone who heard their low-key 2012 debut, Unforsaken, knows how fearless and extravagant this Floridian quartet can be, but thanks to enhanced production values and material that feels like it’s been meticulously crafted down to the last grunt, Scourge amounts to a giant leap forward. 

During a central trio of 10-minute epics, Monotheist pull out all the stops, several kitchen sinks and at least one warped nod to King Crimson, as they transform into cosmic prog metal warlords, skulls bursting with skewed but brilliant ideas.

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