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Miss Lava: Red Supergiant

Stoner rock reaches a stupefying new nadir

Miss Lava sure have some stones calling their album Red Supergiant. Surely it’s a torrential riff downpour with giant sludge noises wailing out their orifices, drums crashing like planets colliding, yes? No.

Imagine Fu Manchu’s one song, but a really boring version of it, and you have the measure of Red Supergiant. Every song is a mid-paced three or four-minute exercise in plodding rock tedium, with no peaks or troughs, nothing to dispel the feeling that you could be spending your time doing something more worthwhile, like listening to another, better record.

They’ve got Grammy-winning Matt Hyde mixing and mastering it, but it’s really hard to see why they bothered ponying up the cash for his services, as he’s not exactly going to miraculously make the contents of this album interesting with some buggering about in the studio. There are moments when it becomes slightly more engaging, but if beige had a stoner rock soundtrack, this would be it.