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Mirrors For Psychic Warfare: Mirrors For Psychic Warfare

Neurosis and Corrections House members dial up the unease

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare album

It’s commendable that Scott Kelly manages to imbue his music with the same emotional depth regardless of its heaviness.

On this collaboration with his Corrections House colleague Sanford Parker, he explores the relationship between the human soul and the elements, which is a thematic thread through all of Kelly’s work. Parker’s ability to invoke foreboding tones and textures enhances the ritualistic features, bringing MFPW closer in line with Jef Whitehead’s defunct project Lurker Of Chalice than Corrections House.

Anti-riffs and processed beats meld with Kelly’s baritone to birth queasy, disorientating soundscapes on Oracles Hex, while I’ll Try You All is rife with distorted howls and desolate guitars that rise and coil like smoke.

Overall the music may be purposely stark and controlled, but the psyche-rattling tension they maintain is as unnerving as it gets.