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Michael Schenker Group The 30th Anniversary Concert Live In Tokyo

One Night At Budokan it ain’t.

Yeehargh! Metal Mickey’s back (again)! And he’s once again doing the business in fine form.

He’s got legendary session drummer Simon Phillips (who played on that classic first Michael Schenker Group album) and bassist Neil Murray as his rhythm section. On top of that there’s a killer setlist with 10 of the 18 from the band’s first two albums, plus Rock Bottom and Doctor Doctor from his days at the guitar helm of UFO.

But there’s an elephant in the room and – judging by the pictures on the booklet – it’s wearing a very loud black-and-white shirt. The elephant is Gary Barden’s voice – too often sounding flat, tired and just a touch wince-inducing.

The instrumental passages can’t be faulted, but who wants a live album that would work better as a karaoke soundtrack?