Massive Wagons: Welcome To The World

Third album from Lancastrian five-piece.

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This rocking Morecambe mob have turned to crowdfunding to bring their third album to life, and the return on those punters’ investment is a healthy one, crackling with the energy that Wagons’ live shows have become known for over the past five years. And while at heart they’re a good-time hard-rock band, there’s a diversity to the sounds found herein that makes it more than just riff-hook-and-chorus fare.

Opening track Nails has a welcome edge of nastiness about it as it rages ‘fuck all the pain’ over a churning guitar riff and pummelling bass drum assault, while Ratio has an anthemic, hands-outstretched chorus that’s hard to resist.

But they’re at their most likeable when they go straight for the jugular on the Wildhearts-style romp of Fee Fi Fo Fum, a cracking way to sign off any album.