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Massive: Destination Somewhere

Aussies go large on album two.

Massive Destination Somewhere album review

Since the dawn of AC/DC, Australia and the blokiest of rock have been natural bedfellows, and Massive are keeping up that fine, pungent, oil-smeared tradition on their second album Destination Somewhere, opener One For The Road barrelling from the starting line like a greased whippet.

Frontman Brad Marr has one of those enormous, Chris Cornell-like voices that can barely contain its own power, and married to their full-tilt, none-more-classic rock, grungy undertones and Brendan Forward’s deft, eager riffs and shamelessly grandstanding solos, it makes for an adrenaline-fuelled listen.

And with songs like the itchy Made Of Stone, these tracks feel like instant old friends, with no let-up in the Mad Max pace save a boozy, bluesy interlude in The Way It’s Always Been, and even that kicks off half way through. Massive, then – they sound bloody enormous.