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Märvel: Warhawks Of War

The Swedish garage rock explosion, Pt 7,596.

You’re nobody in the world of Scandinavian rock if you haven’t got a shtick. For Swedish foursome Märvel, this means a depressingly ‘wacky’ mixture of military uniforms, cycling gear, gimp masks and superhero personalities to go with their freewheeling sonics.

It’s to their credit that this frankly rubbish notion isn’t to the detriment of their music.

While hardly radical, their third album runs down all the key points on the garage rock to do list: strategically deployed hand claps, unrelenting cowbell and gasoline-fuelled riffs that will have The Hellacopters calling up to get their old Dictators records back.

It might be at least a decade late to the party, but Warhawks Of War remains good, wholesome Scandi-rock fun. No more, no less.