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Mars Red Sky: Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)

Bordeaux’s stoner rockers start to run out of steam

The somewhat unique vibe of French stoner-psych rockers Mars Red Sky has been garnering attention since the trio’s 2011 debut album.

That’s no small feat in a scene so inhabited by clones, and more pleasing given that the three-piece have proven to refine their distinctive voice since then, too.

Their new album finds the band continuing, in some ways at least, with that progression. Apex III reveals a heavier, darker Mars Red Sky, further refining that serene-cum-menacing balance that they strike so well through The Whinery and the crushing dirge of Mindreader, while the indie-tinged vocals of Julien Pras once again lend a 70s psychedelic flavour to fuzz- driven tracks such as Under The Hood.

However, you can’t help but find yourself wanting some variation through the album, and by the time you’ve hit its mid-point, you’ve pretty much heard all that Apex III has to offer.