Mammoth Mammoth: Vol III - Hell's Likely

Beer-pounding, girl-chasing, Aussie rock’n’roll

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It’s fair to say that the beer-swilling, Sheila-chasing blokes in Mammoth Mammoth are not plagued by self-doubt. Variously proclaiming themselves to be ‘More Awesome than God’s tits’ and ‘The most rock’n’roll rock’n’roll band in the history of history’, they make Gene Simmons look like Mahatma Gandhi.

Both their previous efforts – 2008’s self-titled EP and 2009’s Mammoth album – proved that, in full flight, they’ve got the balls, the riffs and the attitude to back up their boasts. Subjected to more sober scrutiny, then, no; they’re not the best band in the world. But if having your ass kicked and your ears pounded is your idea of a good time, these boys have got what you need.

Picking right up where their previous album left off, Hell’s Likely fuses high-energy hard rock and stoner metal with a punky edge. From AC/DC to Rose Tattoo to Airbourne, Aussie rockers have excelled at one-two-fuck-you beatdowns, bludgeoning the listener into submission with snaggle-toothed grins. Mammoth Mammoth just joined the club.