Lure, Burke, Stinson, Kramer - L.A.M.F. Live At The Bowery Electric - review

Back to the Bowery

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In seismic 1977, the Heartbreakers were the most exciting pure rock‘n’roll band on the planet and, even if it took years to gain its rightful mix, their sole album L.A.M.F. remains the degenerate classic from the New York streets that spawned them.

In November 2016, NYC troubadour Jesse Malin enticed the last Heartbreaker standing (now retired stockbroker) Walter Lure to perform a startto-finish celebration of the album at the Bowery’s latest favourite venue. Three sold-out shows whooped for a supergroup featuring Lure alongside ageless Blondie powerhouse Clem Burke, MC5 guitarist/Johnny Thunders’ Gang War buddy Wayne Kramer and Replacements/Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson, who takes most vocals, although Malin, Kramer and Burke get their shot, joined by former Dead Boy Cheetah Chrome on two.

Ragged and sober but unfeasibly energised, it’s a fitting tribute to a long-gone time and NY landmark.