Lody Kong: Dreams And Visions

Max Cavalera's sons bring the ruckus on debut release

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The full-length debut from these hardcore-sludge aggressors is a marked step forward from their punky 2012 No Rules EP.

Lody Kong have done away with the atmospheric touches that littered their early sound, beefed things up and focused on brute force – hardly a surprise given that frontman and guitarist Igor and drummer Zyon are the sons of metal luminary Max Cavalera. Amid thick layers of molten filth, Igor’s raw vocals don’t pack quite the same punch but tracks like Smashed And Blasted and Venomous Kool-Aid clobber the lugs with chugging aggro-sludge riffs.

Cavalera Snr is a strong influence, and it’s most pervasive on bludgeoning opener Chillin’ Killin, which resembles early Soulfly minus the nu metal.

That surname may demand respect in metal circles, but there’s enough promise here to suggest the success of Lody Kong won’t depend on it.