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Live Review: Wolfmother

Big chops, big tunes and big hair from Aussie riff lords.


Riffs. All of the riffs. Say what you like about singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale’s reputation offstage (hefty bandmate turnover, claims of irreconcilable differences, that temporary hiatus…), the guy plays a blinder onstage.

Drawing predominantly from their self-titled debut (the one with all the ‘hits’ that saw them dubbed ‘saviours of rock’ by many) and chunky back-to-roots newbie Victorious, it’s all riff-galloping winners and minimal filler. The Godzilla likes of Woman and Dimension were fucking great back in 2006. Ten years on (ten years, jeez…) they’ve still got it.

One of the best things is that it feels like the work of a band, not just the howling frontman with stripy Beetlejuice skinnies and an afro you could lose a family of rabbits in. Yes he’s the creative major-domo, but as a live performance this isn’t The Andrew Stockdale Show – it’s a proper team effort. Which makes it considerably more fun for the heaving, singing-every-word crowd. Drummer Alex Carapetis is an absolute monster behind the kit, while bassist/keyboardist Ian Peres spends more time airborne than on his feet; shocking pink jacket swooshing in his wake, right up to head-throwing closer Joker And The Thief. Who knows how long these two will last, but if Stockdale has any sense he’ll try and keep them.

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