Laibach - Also Sprach Zarathustra album review

Nuts for Nietzsche

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If with this you’re hoping for something akin to the dark EDM and mutant electro of Laibach’s 2014 album Spectre, forget it. Also Sprach Zarathustra is the re-recorded soundtrack Laibach originally created for the theatrical production based on grumpy nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche’s novel that premiered in Slovenia last year. If you missed it – and surely, you did – then this is more or less what that sounded like.

It is admirably grotesque stuff, a suitable backdrop for these queasy times when totalitarianism creeps ever closer to a glitzy ‘68 comeback, an avalanche of grinding gears and orchestral dread, a wash of clockwork post-industrial doom that is everything you know and love/loathe about these politically charged avant-noiseniks cranked to eleventeen.

As mood music it’s a stunner, the perfect complement to a lost weekend plotting your next Ubermensch moves in a haze of opium. But you can’t dance to it, that much is for sure.