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Kreator - Gods of Violence album review

They’re not Gods of false metal, that’s for sure

Cover art for Kreator - Gods of Vilolence

German thrashers Kreator have been quiet for the past five years. And whatever they’ve been doing, they sure weren’t mellowing with age. Gods Of Violence is as beautifully over-the-top and grotesque as its title, a crazed gnashing of teeth and tearing of flesh that rivals anything they did back in their young and spry 80s heyday.

There’s probably melody in here somewhere, but if there is it flies by at 300 miles an hour and is quickly buried by a barrage of white-hot speed metal riffs and the sore-throat death-gargle of frontbeast Mille Petrozza. Best moments are on unabashedly murderous snarlers like Satan Is Real or Side By Side, but honestly the whole thing is like a shovel to the skull.