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Kory Clarke: Payback’s A Bitch

Searching for the Soul rebel.

Twenty five years on, Warrior Soul front man Kory Clarke is as maverick as ever. The band could have reached Metallica levels but you can’t see Clarke hiring shrinks to hold it all together.

Payback’s A Bitch is the latest in a slew of releases with and without the Soul boys. The common thread is Clarke’s attitude: provocative, piercing, maddening but never dull. The first words you hear on the opening riff-driven title track are ‘I’m pissed’. It’s not just a front either; he kicks the formulaic rebels in their plastic nuts on Rock N Roll Genocide.

While there’s plenty of what you might expect, Clarke wouldn’t be Clarke if he wasn’t throwing a few curveballs – the soul pot-pourri of Getting Down To Bizzness, the deep soul balladry of The Last Hand, the radical beats of Hoezone and the closing emotional and personal Meet Me In Las Vegas.