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Korpiklaani - Live At Masters Of Rock DVD review

Finland’s folk metal boozers get captured in their element

Korpiklaani have squeezed a lot of mileage out of their boozed-up, speed folk-metal jigs: 14 years and nine albums to be exact. While the Finns have rarely deviated from the polka-influenced sonic path they forged on Spirit Of The Forest, they’ve always put on a great show. This, their first live DVD, captures how much fun it is to be in one of their sozzled party pits. The three discs include their 2016 show at the MAR festival in Czech Republic, their 2014 set there too, and audio of both shows. While the 2016 performance is the main focus, with a bigger production and a bigger crowd, its juxtaposition with an earlier show confirms how far the band have come. At 19 songs per performance this is for the more ardent fan, but it’s also a reminder that live is where Korpiklaani are in their true element.