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Katatonia: Dead End Kings

The Swedish dark rockers get more progressive.

Far removed now from their beginnings as a doomy band, Katatonia have become increasingly more involved with progressive sounds over the last decade. So it should be little surprise that Dead End Kings owes a lot to Porcupine Tree and Opeth.

The way in which they create a stealthy ambient atmosphere is obviously rooted in the visions of Steven Wilson. But Katatonia avoid rehashing his old ideas, and take the moody foundations and develop these with simple orchestrations and expansive guitar and keyboard sounds.

The result is an album that works on two fronts. It allows you to dip in and enjoy individual tracks like Hypnone and Lethean, yet each song is so connected, there’s an even greater pleasure to be had from playing the whole album, especially if you’re listening on headphones.

Katatonia have often paled when put alongside the likes of Anathema. This is the album to change all that.