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Jagged Vision - Death Is This World album review

Blackened punk diatribes from the Kvelertak counties

Cover art for Jagged Vision - Death Is This World

Hailing from the same scene that delivered us Kvelertak’s hardcore mangling, it’s no shock to learn that there is yet another band to file alongside Okkultokrati, Blood Command and Man The Machetes in the neverending list of excellent Norwegian punk bands. Jagged Vision have grabbed a touch of Entombed, a dollop of Integrity, nicked a few black metal riffs and bashed it all together.

The result is an ugly and uncompromising bastard of a record that feels like it’s about to reach out and stick a broken bottle in your face. I Am Death somehow manages to recall Venom, Hatebreed, Trap Them and Darkthrone in less than four minutes, Feeble Souls rides along like High On Fire in the snow and there is even a touch of acoustic guitar on An Emperor Of Foul Intent to mix things up. And then, after less than 40 minutes, it’s all over. If you’re after simple, brutish pleasures, you could do a lot worse than this.