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Jackdaw4: Dissecticide

Superb parting shot from Willy Dowling and co.

How is it possible for clever, incisive songwriters such as Willy Dowling and bands with the chops of Jackdaw4 to linger in the shadows while many less talented hog the limelight?

We can take some small comfort, however, in the kaleidoscopic wonder that is Dissecticide. The likes of Jellyfish mined a similarly fruitful, Beatlesy pop-rock seam back in the early 90s, and Dowling and co have an equally winning way, with effortlessly catchy harmonies and hooks, Sgt Pepper providing more than just a jumping off point for the likes of Monster’s Ball, Foundations and Coming Up For Air.

Cheeky, funny and annoyingly hummable, there’s not a duff track here. As a last hurrah, this is an instant classic.