Jack Russell’s Great White - He Saw It Comin' album review

Great White, but without the sharpness

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In the late 80s, Great White were among America’s best hard rockers. Today’s band, though, is vocalist Jack Russell’s vision. And while he was a crucial part of those glory days, without Mark Kendall’s gliding guitar there’s something missing.

He Saw It Comin’ mirrors what Great White did on their Once Bitten… and …Twice Shy albums, bit it lacks the depth and streamlined class of what has gone before. Tony Montana does a decent job in the Michael Lardie role on guitar and keyboards, but guitarist Robby Lochner isn’t in Kendall’s league.

Still, Love Don’t Live Here is a powerful pop-rock anthem, and My Addiction is stealth-dark. This is a competent album, just don’t expect anything to match their past.