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Jack Bruce: Something Els

Cream man’s cruelly overlooked 1993 album with bonus tracks.

Something Els is Jack Bruce’s period-of-transition album.

Its prolonged gestation period and content marks his recovery from addiction and financial disarray. It is also a shining gem in the Cream bassist’s considerable canon, his multi-instrumental musicality and frankly ravishing vocals given full expression.

Synthesised explorations of the album’s predecessor, Automatic, are felt and old associates brass man Dick Heckstall-Smith and Clem Clempson gild the jazzy beauty of Bruce’s compositional mastery (in tandem with long-time lyricist Pete Brown). Ships In The Night frames a Clapton solo of expressive tenderness, reflected by Bruce’s choral majesty on the yearning Close Enough For Love. The closing solo piano-tinkler FM is wonderful, while a stunning recreation of The Wind Cries Mary makes for a worthy bonus track. It’s healing music from a true great. Something Els, indeed.

Via Cherry Red