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InterStatic: Arise

Nothing interferes with this trio’s power to wow.

Opening with a bluesy, grit-filled stomp and then diving headlong into the tempestuous energies channelled by late-60s Tony Williams’ Lifetime, the second album by this Anglo-Nordic prog-jazz combo promises much and does not disappoint.

Hammond organ and synths are supplied by UK-born Roy Powell, whose rakish yet melodic sensibilities have seen him gigging around the globe with some of the best names in contemporary jazz. Here he retains some of the fiery prog-tinged vocabulary he demonstrated on 2013’s Mumpbeak, his most recent release for RareNoise. On his new ECM solo album, Norway’s Jacob Young cuts a somewhat demure presence. Here, however, his inner rock guitar god is unleashed as he provides a biting counterpoint to Powell’s roiling organ swells. Together they set sparks flying as they circle and engage during fleeting, nimble themes, and shoot off into gutsy, downright ballsy solos. Fellow Norwegian, drummer Jarle Vespestad, renowned for his work with Supersilent and Tord Gustavsen, knows how to keep things turbo-charged, without ever swamping the sense of space and liberation that makes Interstatic’s music shine. SS ** **