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Inglorious: Inglorious

Brian May’s favourite new band. They will rock you.

The debut album from Inglorious comes endorsed by rock royalty. Brian May describes the band as “a potent young Deep Purple”. And while May didn’t suggest that Inglorious sound like Queen, there is a similarity between them.

Just as Adam Lambert was a runner-up on American Idol before joining Queen, so Nathan James, Inglorious’s Berkshire-born singer, has previously been a contestant on The Voice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Superstar.

Playing that game isn’t good for your rock’n’roll credibility, but James has redeemed himself with Inglorious and an album of classically styled heavy rock evoking Purple, Zeppelin and Whitesnake.

James has a huge voice, reminiscent at times of Bruce Dickinson. And the songs are built to match: the roaring, riff-driven anthem Until I Die, monster power ballad Bleed For You and an epic track, named Inglorious, with a whiff of Kashmir. For Nathan James, the talent show bullshit is over. Now it’s serious.