Infernus: Grinding Christian Flesh

Oregon miscreants leave their footprints on the black/thrash path

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With its Chris Moyen-esque artwork, an album title like Grinding Christian Flesh and tracks such as Fetid Spawn Of Bethlehem, you have a pretty good idea of what Infernus’s second album is going to sound like.

Love and happiness are in short supply. Taking their cues from latter Immortal’s grandiose sense of scale, adding a touch of Finnish black metal but filtered through the sound of the late 90s USBM scene, these Portland natives are very much in the orthodox school, albeit with plenty of thrash thrown in for good measure.

Horna and Inquisition covers nail their colours to the mast, but while Infernus may be treading a well-worn path, they step boldly and confidently, the songs sounding sharp and precise without being too polished, making them memorable enough to stick in your head.

There’s a resurgence of the 90s black metal sound and Infernus do a fine job of nailing it./o:p