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In The Woods...: Cease The Day album review

Norways’s progressive pioneers In The Woods... settle for a wistful stroll on Cease The Day

In The Woods... Cease The Day

A crucial name in Norwegian black metal’s early journey from pagan savagery into progressive textures, after three LPs In The Woods… fizzled out, leaving a legacy of challenging growth and musical free-thought percolating in the underground. 

Always intriguing and inventive, their early records could seem held back by the disconnectedness and emotional inexperience of youth. 

Since 2016 comeback Pure, only drummer Anders Kobro has been retained from the 90s line-up, alongside UKBM scene stalwart Mr Fog, and while Cease The Day has a greater sense of warmth, immediacy and humanity, it follows Mr Fog’s last Ewigkeit LP in seeming a safe, nostalgic sort of record: a tasteful, easy listen, but few jagged edges or radical impulses.

For Fans Of: Enslaved, Opeth, Ulver