In Search Of Sun - Virgin Funk Mother album review

Former groove metallers reach a higher, eclectic state

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Now onto their second album, In Search Of Sun are sonicallyunrecognisable from their 2010 early days as a groove metal outfit called Driven. After their songwriting sessions took an esoteric turn, the band began blending brutality with technical sensibilities before renaming themselves. On Virgin Funk Mother, however, they’ve eschewed aggression for warm, anthemic rock. This is an addictive record, a melting pot of genres bubbling over with pop choruses and glorious melodies that simmer above agitated prog metal rhythms. It all comes together beautifully, not least on joyful opener Say It Like You See It and Mon Amour, which recall Incubus at their funkiest and most creative. Despite its techy fretwork, though, the album is structured around bassist Faz Couri’s noodly funk licks, which create rhythms so sticky they’re impossible to remove from your cranium.