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In Flames - Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg DVD review

The Flaming groovies strike again

Long regarded as one of the best contemporary metal bands, In Flames are captured here in their natural habitat: on stage. The DVD is mainly based around a performance in their home town of Gothenburg in November 2014. And to see this lot playing in front of close to 10,000 screaming maniacs makes you realise just how big they really are.

What the Swedes do is pummel through a selection of songs deliberately chosen to effectively reflect their whole history. The energy and power surge through the likes of Through Oblivion, Cloud Connected, Only For The Weak and With Eyes Wide Open. Each has a striking appeal, but they fit closely into a set that flows with real style. And you also get the feel for the fact that In Flames are very much at home putting on the sort of big show that an arena demands. Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg is a confident and genuinely fun release.